How To Choose The Right Color For Hair

Choosing the ideal color for our hair is a complicated subject. I can understand the girls who are lost because it has happened to me too.

I think one of my worst mistakes was making me those two blonde fuses that became fashionable in 1997 because of Geri Halliwell and Mark Owen. I was a child and I got a tremendous tantrum: I wanted those terrible strands in my head. I did not stop until they let me do them. From then on it was a tragedy. Already entered adolescence I took a liking to homemade dyes because I thought it was fun to change hair color. I tried them all, from the red violin to the bluish black . Fortunately, there is no graphic proof of this.

It took me a long time to recover my natural hair color because the dyes leave very strange pigments and shades. I remember well having different colored tufts. When everything returned to normal, I made very soft blonde highlights all over my hair and I really liked the result. So much so, that I became obsessed and followed and followed with techniques to lighten the hair. I realized that the thing had gotten out of hand when I shouted blonde on the street. Then I went back to the chestnut, to this day.

My opinion is that brown hair is the most flattering tone. It is a grateful color that feels good to everyone. Do not think brown is bland because it is one of the safest bets. I think precisely that is a common mistake: to think that something must be done with brown hair, which should not be left as such. It is not true.

Sometimes, the problem is not the hair, but the personal arrangement in general. You can change a lot by taking care of the skin, using the right makeup products and playing with clothes and nail polish. Try to improve those departments before getting into the world of dyes.

The only advice I can give is that if you are happy with your natural hair, let it be . If it really is not the case, the best thing you can do, as I said on Instagram the other day, is to look for a famous woman who looks like you or who has the same skin and eye color. Observe its evolution in images. The celebrities work with professional specialists in making women take advantage and know very well what are the tones that favor their clients. They can be used to collect ideas.

The chestnut combined with blond highlights, is a great option for women with sallow skin and brown eyes that are usually tanned all year. It gives luminosity and youth.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Jennifer Lopez are two good examples. Since they became famous, neither of them has changed their hair color. In the case of Jennifer, there is no doubt that the change of hair color was a very important part of the process that made her a star.

They say that the color black ages because it hardens the features . This is true, but above the rules is nature: there are women who are only favored with very dark hair. It is a very attractive tone in light-skinned women with blue eyes and sensual features, such as Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie.

Just the other day I edited one of the first entries of this blog, which I dedicated to a Ukrainian girl that nobody knows here, Viktoria . I did not remember her anymore because her activity on Instagram lost all the charm when she became a boyfriend. She is a girl with strong features and arched eyebrows who climbed many points when she dyed her hair dark. This is very common in Slavic girls. It’s as if her light eyes stand out more with dark brown or black hair.

It is the same as Bella Hadid, who is also natural blonde and who began to dye her hair to differentiate from her sister Gigi. It is another case that shows that with hair there are always guidelines to follow. Although in reality they are very similar and girls were identical, the color of Bella is definitely tan, while Gigi would be very rare with another tone that was not the blonde. You never know.

A complicated issue, really. Tell your experiences with the hair color, to see if between all you can give ideas to the girls who do not finish feeling at ease with their natural color.



I have been thinking a whole lot over the last year about beliefs and action. I used to believe that I cared a great deal about the environment and our planet as a whole, but I sure didn’t act like it. I have been cavalier about recycling (only when it’s convenient), have made no efforts to eat less meat (not that hard!) and most importantly, have been shopping far too much at fast fashion places that I feel are too opaque when it comes to environmental, quality, and human rights standards.

When it comes to shopping, we are so tempted to keep up with trends and buy the latest it trend from whatever fast fashion retailer is selling a knockoff of. Now, I am all about staying on trend, but it really is so easy to find vintage pieces that today’s trends are derivative of (we all know that fashion is so cyclical).

I came to an epiphany about all this recently that drove me to this point of resolve. I realized that I used to be so much more comfortable with my style. I felt that I was cool just being myself, and didn’t subject myself to the torture of chasing every single trendevery single season. This, I believe is what is truly being awakened in a lot of the fashion world lately. If you were raised in the US, you know that individuality is cherished in our culture, and cannot be enjoyed when everyone dresses the same. Don’t get me wrong: I love fashion, I love designers, I love all the trends. That doesn’t mean I need to buy into every single one in order to enjoy them (Tumblr, anyone?).

I love shopping vintage and secondhand. There is something so much more fulfilling in digging out and knowing that you are reusing something in a new way. It not only makes for so many more interesting outfits, but these items seem to stay in my closet so much longer. Vintage shopping means helping the environment, but it also means so much more to me.

On a deeper level, I grew up stopping by the local Goodwill after school with my mother and sisters almost every day. My mother taught us to utilize these pieces to foster our individuality and style. She was not only beautiful, but fiercely independent and stylish. She wore high heels and red lipstick every single day. She wore vintage dresses that left such imprints that people still remember them almost 20 years later. Once she wore this red and gold sleeveless dress from the 70’s to my sister’s graduation and completely stole the show in a sea of black shifts and graduation gowns. She passed away and I feel I am diminishing  her legacy-what she taught me about personality-every time I walk into a fast fashion store and succumb to the temptation to buy all the things.

Furthermore, countless times I have wasted money and gone into debt just because I wanted to keep up with the latest trend. I have realized that because they are so easy to acquire, they have become so much more dispensable than my vintage and secondhand pieces. And so, as someone who sells vintage clothing not just because it’s fun but because of my own beliefs, I want to try to limit as much as possible purchases of new things, and instead look for unique secondhand and vintage pieces to add to my already overstuffed collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories. When I do buy new pieces, it will be to fill a specific need, and to purchase from companies and sellers that are of quality construction and are at least transparent about their practices.

Of course, I understand that this is a baby step, yet I think this is my first fully conscious and deliberate step away from consumption and towards support of the environment and the planet. This was also a very deliberate step inwards, coming back to my own version of center, where I can be more satisfied sartorially.